Popular custom window coverings

Whether you just moved into a new home or are trying to bring your furnishings into this century, one of the first places to start is the windows.  While there are many window coverings to choose from, some truly stand out from the pack and make a statement bold enough for designers to notice.

As with many other facets of life and fashion, one of the biggest trends right now is to go green and use organic materials.  Custom window coverings are no different.  Today, one of the hottest styles is shades made of bamboo.  The natural material is not only attractive, it also goes with many different types of decor while allowing light in and giving you privacy.  Furthermore, bamboo is a sustainable, environmentally friendly material and many of the dies used are non-toxic.  Bamboo is also softer than cotton.  However, since both are natural fabrics, they are excellent at repelling both cold and hot.

Using natural materials in the production of custom window coverings also cuts down on allergens and often have an anti-microbial and anti-fungal traits that are woven into the yarn.  If not, they can be offered to you as a topically applied spray.  Additionally, those that suffer from allergies or environmentally conscious can choose stain-resistant as well as mildew- and mold-resistant fabrics for their shades or blinds.

It seems as if everyone wants everything at the touch of a button.  The phrase “There is an app for that,” applies to anything from banking to ordering from your favorite restaurant.  Even new refrigerators are coming with apps and text messages to tell you when you need to go to the supermarket.

Now, the trend has lent itself to window coverings, as well.  Regardless of the style or type of shade, blind or shutter you choose, chances are you can have it automated.  Whether it be through the flick of a switch or the click of a remote control, you can quickly and easily open or close your window coverings.

Many, companies also supply an app and a website where you can go to program your blinds to open and shut at certain times of the day.  This automation not only cuts down on the sun fading your rugs, carpets, and furniture, it also can prevent break-ins.  If a would-be burglar notices that the shades go up and down at different times each day, he or she may skip your home on the next crime spree.  If you forget to close or open your blinds, you can simply log onto the site or into the app and do it yourself from wherever you are, whether it be across the street or around the world.

In fact, if you really want to be an up and comer and “keep up with the Jones” so to speak, you can combine both trends and have automated shades made out of bamboo.  You would truly have the best of the best.  However, be forewarned, this may not fit into everyone’s budget.


Here are the top five reasons to get custom shades

If you are interested in outfitting your windows with new window coverings, then you likely already know that you have a lot of decisions to make. First, you will want to decide what style of window coverings that you want for your home. You have a lot of styles to choose from! You can choose from window shades, window blinds, window shutters, window drapes, window curtains, window sheers, and many more options! You will next want to decide whether or not you want to customize your window coverings. For example, you can choose from custom shades to custom blinds to custom shutters. Next, you will want to find the right material and color for your home!  custom window coverings

There are so many decisions that you may want to consult with an interior designer to help you with the decision making process. If you are trying to decide between custom shades vs. custom blinds, then listed here are the top five reasons to get custom shades for your home.

1. Shades provide shade! One of the best reasons as to why you should invest in window shades is that they provide shade. This means that when they are lowered over your windows, they provide shade from the sun. This is also great for the interior of your home as they will provide protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays as well.

2. Shades can save you money on your energy bills. Window shades can also provide you protection from your monthly energy bill! If you purchase the right type of shades, then you can add an extra insulating factor into your home, which will help to keep cool air in on hot days and warm air inside on cooler days. This can cause your energy bills to drop as you will not be spending as much money on heat or air conditioning as you used to spend.

3. Shades provide privacy. Window shades also provide privacy. When they are shut, then you are not only blocking out the light but you are also blocking out anyone on the outside of your home that is looking inside. This is especially important at night when you do not want your neighbors to see inside your home.

4. Shades look modern and sleek. Shades also look very modern and sleek. They add to the aesthetics of your home. You can either use them as a finishing touch on every room in your home or you can start with shades as the focal point of the design of the rooms in your house.

5. Shades can be motorized. With window shades, you can also choose between motorized shades and non motorized shades.

As you can see, these were just five of the many reasons as to why window shades are the best option for your home. If you are looking for custom window treatments such as custom shades, then you should consult with the experts at East Greenbush Window Coverings so that they can help you customize the perfect window shades for your home.